that he was overmatched He threw up the fire

and Morgan dropped his Sword into the boot to
free both hands to control the team. Behind, the remaining two
riders came at him, dark shapes materializing out of the mist,michael kors.
One of the two riders who had fallen appeared as well, now
afoot. Morgan whipped the team toward them, building speed
Sweat ran down his face, and his vision blurred. He reached
back into the boot for the Sword of Leah and brought it up, the
magic racing down its length like fire,coach outlet. The mounted Seekers
reached him first, splitting to either side, blades drawn. He
pushed himself as far to the right as he could, concentrating on
the horseman closest, hammering past the other’s defenses and
crushing his skull. He felt a red-hot searing in his shoulder as
the other Seeker leaped from his horse onto the wagon seat
and struck him a slashing,coach outlet online, off-balance blow. He reeled away,
nearly falling off, kicking out with his boot to knock the other
back. The wagon swung wide and this time did not correct. It
snapped loose from its traces and tongue and went over, throw-
ing the combatants to the earth. Morgan landed hard, a red
mist sweeping across his vision,louboutin, pain lancing through his body,
but came back to his feet instantly.

The Talismans of Shannara 327

The Seeker who had wounded him was waiting, and the one
afoot was coming up fast. Both were reverting to Shadowen,
lifting from their black-robed bodies in a mist of darkness,
eyes red and chilling. They had seen the fire race the length of
his sword and knew Morgan possessed the magic. Shedding
their Seeker disguise,hollister france, they were calling up magic of their own,louboutin.
Crimson fire launched from their weapons at Morgan, but he
Mocked it, rushing them with single-minded determination, no
longer thinking, acting now out of need. He slammed into the
first and bowled him over. The Sword of Leah swept down,
shattering the other’s weapon, and the fire burned from throat
to stomach, through one side and out the other. The Shadowen
screamed,chaussures louboutin, shuddered, and went still.

Morgan went after the other without slowing, consumed by
the magic’s elixir, driven by forces he no longer controlled.
The Shadowen hesitated, seeing his face,michael kors, realizing belatedly
that he was overmatched. He threw up the fire, and it splin-
tered apart on Morgan’s blade. Then Morgan was on top of
him, striking once, twice, three times, the magic racing up and
down the talisman, a sudden white heat. The Shadowen
shrieked,coach outlet, tearing to get free, and then the fire exploded through
him in a brilliant flash of light, and he was gone.

Morgan whirled about,coach outlet, searching the gloom-left, right, be-
hind, in front again. The land was still and empty. East,hollister, the sun
crested the horizon in a burst of silver gold, light streaming
through the trees to penetrate the shadows and mist. The draw
was a dark tunnel in which nothing moved,coach outlet online. The Shadowen lay
lifeless about him,coach outlet online. A single horse remained, a dark blur some
fifty feet off, reins trailing as it shook its head and stamped the
earth, uncertain of what to do. Morgan looked at it,chaussures louboutin, steadied
his sweating hands, and slowly straightened. The magic of the
Sword faded, and the blade turned depthless black again,polo ralph lauren.

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