The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney to Help With Your SSDI Claim in California

If you have recently found yourself disabled you will be wondering if you ought to hire an attorney from California to help you with the filing process for Social Security Disability Insurance, often known as, SSDI. There are hundreds of lawyers and legal advocates who focus on SSDI claims. These attorneys will help you along with your original application, your hearing or an appeal. Most will facilitate with all three and a great deal more.

While filling out the application may appear easy for some, it can be very troublesome for others, and getting an attorney may be a crucial step to filing for Social Security Disability Insurance. Over 60 % of 1st-time applicants are denied at the initial application stage. An attorney from California will ensure that you fill out your application properly, eliminating one purpose of potential failure. This includes providing detailed medical records and employment history.

If your application get denied, an attorney from California can facilitate your expedite your appeal. Your appeal must be fully filed within sixty days. This may seem overwhelming and tedious, but an experienced attorney can recognize how to handle each step and navigate the bureaucracy.

During the appeal process you will find yourself attending a hearing in California. An Administrative Law Judge who can evaluate any evidence on record conducts the hearing. An experienced attorney will facilitate prepare you for the hearing to help eliminate any anxiety you may have. They can also bring further documentation and proof to your hearing to present on your behalf. Approximately 40 % of claimants who attend a Hearing are approved for benefits and they can move on to the next step.

However, for most, an Appeal is the next step in the process. You will need to go before the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council could issue its own decision and return the case to the Administrative Law Judge to issue another decision, or accept the Administrative Law Judge’s decision. If you disagree with the Appeals Council you also have the right to file a civil suit in Federal District Court in your California.

If you are reading this and thinking the legal costs adding up, try not worry. Your lawyer cannot collect any fees until your claim has been approved and you are awarded back benefits. You also will not pay out of pocket for your fees. The fees should be approved by the Social Security Administration, with a cap on the full amount an attorney in California is entitled to.

Finding an experienced SSDI lawyer in your California will be troublesome undertaking. You want to make sure that the person you have employed is a lawyer and not a non-lawyer representative. Be sure that a lawyer from California can help you with your forms, and that they are experienced in the SSDI field. It can make all the difference in the world to you and your family.

Get legal help with your Social Security Disability claim in California.

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