The players union scandal continues to ferment the federal government involved in the investigation

Tencent sports-Beijing time on April 28, the yahoo sports “news, the players union recently to expose a series of inside information, likely involved in commercial operation of the problems, according to this thing, the federal beats by dre uk   government has begun to involved in the investigation. 

The last time, the players union internal appeared many not harmonious sound, first NBA players union committee unanimously requirements incumbent union chairman fisher to resign. Derek fisher sternly refused, old fish says will continue to call for members to act, to union assets audiscount beats by dre dit. And in the later and news to expose the players union executive director Billy hunter scandal. 

Speaking of hunt’s this matter, from the players union duty to speak of, in the labor of negotiations, the players union representatives in the interests of the players, in ad ,beats by dre headphone

dition to these, the players union will also help players planning salary, and help them to make some investment, in order to ensure the players after leaving the army still have enough income to make a living, the hunter is exposed scandal was based on this. Players union in choice of economic adviser, Stephen hunt the basic choosecheap beats by dre his own relatives, it is reported, hunter have made repeated let players union and their immediate family members for cooperation, involving a value of $4.8 million. 

It revealed, then immediately caused extensive concern, according to the latest news, the federal government has begun to involved in the investigation of the NBA players union commercial operation. The players union also in the United States on Friday local time that received U.S. attorney’s office inmonster beats headphone      
Manhattan subpoena documents, and said it would cooperate with survey. Players unions also said in a statement has appointed a special committee to regulatory internal investigation, the special committee of union members of the executive committee of the players, a

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