Prada Handbags brand recognition

PRADA’s clothing, prada replica in addition to the standard cloth PRADA on the capital, almost without any apparent sign of recognition, only the leather only on the clear identification mark. PRADA: occasionally way to hot pressure, small to mark the leather surface. Inverted triangle of metal signs: the only range of products in leather PRADA will appear on almost everyone’s first impression of metal signs. PRADA addition to the above, the line will be marked in the bottom of its “brand was born,” the MILANO small print, and branding the year 1913, and less of a word is not PRADA!

[Nylon] genuine Prada nylon replica prada bags is made of parachute material, this material heat, thick, stiff, with toughness, and its surface reflectivity is small and can be seen under a magnifying glass twill. The fake Prada made using ordinary chemical fiber, not too thin or too light, texture, feel bad too hard or too thick, its surface smooth or very or extremely dim, and the dots can be seen under a magnifying glass pattern.

[Cortex] using authentic replica prada handbags Prada leather, sheep and even crocodile leather manufacturers, all have significant striae cortex and a unique leather smell. Fake Prada leather hard, and striae less. [Zip] genuine Prada heavier weight of metal zipper. Fake Prada zipper is very light. [Strap] genuine Prada nylon strap is flexible, easy pilling nylon surface, and there twill strap. Fake Prada strap is very thin, no flexibility, but no denim strap.

Identify the authenticity of prada replica handbags Prada tips: New genuine leather must have a special taste, this taste for the Prada leather special leather preservative solution, simply can not imitate, because this medicine is too costly, but the taste can be heard to the counter. Prada counter no flow factory ship, parallel imports. Prada president asked their products Made in Prada him to do exactly the brand of service and access are not allowed to have any mistakes.

So there is no ship Hermes Lindy factory flow problem. How many products do they have the points to close the system, and the remaining outlets must first quarter orders. How many orders, they only send the number of goods. Most of the black base section of the package sturdy nylon material. Bristol will face Prada nylon pad several layers inside, feels not so thin. Touch the metal on the bag to see Logo, fonts are a little shallow outstanding. hermes lindy bags Prada Zipper head behind the metal parts of words printed Lampo is the latest sign of security, which is Lampo, the traditional characters, the following will be a number, probably from 2002 or so.

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