Louis Vuitton to buy genuine or buy high replica

LV bag, symbol, from the beginning Replica Handbags of the identity of the package Imitation is now everywhere on the street,You want to genuine buy can not afford to back Imitation afraid of people look down on Back and back, became the people some of the tangled things.I observe the three most representative of the major cities:Beijing is the pursuit of psychological big, but not deliberately, mainly based on their economic situation within our capabilities;Shanghai people, especially office workers, almost everyone should have a brand name bags, and must live frugally to buy genuine, otherwise he may be colleagues, friends despise;In Guangzhou, almost filled with seen all kinds of famous brand Imitation purses, many rich people buy high imitation. Their logic is that since everyone with a high imitation, even if you buy a really, other people will think that is false, no need to spend the time and money.

Actually I think, put aside the high-priced, designer Replica Handbags brand name has its merits, the high material, good quality, fine workmanship, plus they always lead the trend, or a classic style timeless. These are all brand bags of charm. The big names such as LV nature is no exception. But hundreds of thousands of counters prices tend to be prohibitive, thus, various grades of imitations came into being.Basically LV bag is divided into: C goods, B goods, goods A, Super A goods, 1:1 goods.C cargo / B goods: with purely to spread the level of materials and workmanship are very poor, and bags in addition to LV LOGO, LV company produced not learned to use one or two months after the general The skin began to crack and rot.

A cargo: claiming to be A cargo louis vuitton replica with leather PU leather, this is not a true A cargo A cargo with leather is leather, is made the first layer or two-story leather, white part will change color, only the color relatively long time, change the color of the relative super A To light a lot of, Baoshen feel in general, lined the asymmetry of the most original work in general, but the appearance as a whole or appearance, coupled with cheap, so some of the low consumers still prefer.Super A: super A cargo a variety of terminologies, the shop part of the business will be fishing in troubled waters A cargo hybrid ultra A goods to sell. The real super A cargo quality but it is still very good, whether part of to Baoshen the main body or with leather is imported materials, the white part of the water color the Baoshen feel good, work materials inferior to 1:1 top products, but the relative A cargo should be much better, 85-93% similarity with the genuine, reasonable price, good quality, so loved by the majority of the public.

Ratio: 1:1 goods are the goods louis vuitton replica handbags of the highest level of the LV imitation goods is the best quality goods in addition to counter genuine, regardless of texture, materials, workmanship, are very close to authentic, a few even to compete with the genuine, but also so many sinister business of fish to act as a genuine selling. This level bag is more complex due to various aspects of factory capacity and inventory are generally relatively small, the price is also relatively more expensive. The right to buy the real thing, they could not bear to start with MM, these bags is the best choice.

My many years of experience, replica louis vuitton handbags if you buy imitation goods, the most important is the pursuit of cost, that is sure to buy high imitation. In order to pay less money at the same time ensure quality. Otherwise, it looks very cheap things, material workmanship are inferior to replace, leaving only the similar appearance, did not take long to be abandoned. If so, it would rather buy the real thing unknown, real materials. This is another matter.




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