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The most valuable antique desks are those where high quality timber has been used throughout, and restoration has been achieved in a sympathetic manner. Leather top desks are particularly sought after. Because of their functionality, most antique desks seen in Cumbrian auctions have been restored at least once. To be truly valuable, an antique desk should have been sympathetically restored using traditional methods such as beeswax and turpentine, or French polish. Modern acrylic varnishes and resins will detract from the value, though they can be removed with care to allow traditional restoration.

Another thing Cumbrian dealers look for in antique desks is the quality of the wood and veneer. In the 18th and early 19th century, good quality timber was widely available, which reflected in the quality of the desktop and drawer fronts. In addition, veneers were cut more thickly and had more attractive figuring than those seen today.

The author Christian Davies is a second generation antiques dealer and owner of Christian Davies Antiques, retailer of antique desks, bookcases, cabinets, or dining room furniture. Here you can purchase some of the finest antique desks in Cumbria.

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of antique writing furniture in Cumbria, there are several dealers specialising in antique desks from various periods. These can be very valuable. Evidently, prices will vary depending on age, condition and rarity, but even Victorian desks can fetch good money today. Only last year, a Thomas Brooks rosewood cylinder desk, made in the 1860s, sold for almost £34,000 at auction in Alabama.

Antique desks, like antique dining tables, are functional pieces of furniture and some have been better cared for than others. Cumbrian furniture dealers look for several things when determining the value of a writing desk or bureau – the first one, obviously, being to see if it's genuine or not. Reproduction antique desks are often made from thinly veneered plywood, which is easy to spot. However, some reproductions are more true to the originals, using genuine dovetailed timber rather than plywood. To carry off the deception, some are distressed to make the piece look older.

Antiques go in and out of fashion. Antique desks, for example, became less popular when computer technology eclipsed more traditional writing methods. However, people soon realised that no computer furniture can ever match the beauty of an English Regency pedestal desk, or a Victorian mahogany bureau. With cumbersome desk-top PCs now largely eclipsed by compact laptops, antique desks are more in vogue than ever.

However,Christian louboutins, there are many ways to tell a genuine antique desk from a reproduction, starting with its overall appearance. The functional nature of antique desks in Cumbria means that even the best preserved will have signs of wear-and-tear. The first place to look is the drawer linings, which should be made from a timber such as oak,Christian Louboutin Pump, mahogany or cedarwood,Jimmychoo, and dovetail jointed. They should also bear signs of use – ink stains are a good sign of authenticity. The desk surface should also have tell-tale signs of bumps and knocks. Remember, a writing desk was a valuable and ageless piece of furniture, often in use for 100 years or more. However well restored it is, this character will show. Put another way, if an “antique” desk looks new, then it's probably a reproduction.

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