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The old man said with a smile,”I’m the fish and the fish is me, I’m fishing and I’m also being fished; like playing chess, the fish and I have such an equal stamina that I have a wonderful time.” At this point, an urchin threw a stone into the water. A circle of ripples wafted over. The old man said, “The wind rises.”There are two brothers, aged four or five years old, as the oakley frogskins cheap bedroom windows are closed all day, and they think the house is too dark to see outside the bright sun, feel envy. Brothers on the discussion, said: “We can put together a little outside in. So the sun.” Thus, the two brothers with a broom and dustpan to sweep up the sun terrace. When they moved to the dustpan when the room, which there will be no sunshine.oakley jawbone photochromic So again and again so many times that the sun or the house did not. Mom is busy kitchen surprised to see them move, asked: “What are you doing?” They replied: “the room too dark, and we point to the sun So come.” Her mother smiled: “As long as the windows open, the sun come naturally, why should I scan it? “Life is full of confusing and disordering Particular time, a particular location, Do the arranged thing of ten million time in the brain, Step by step , the life is hard to avoid oakley jawbone for sale delicacy and stiffness No enthusiasm forever,  No unexpected happening of surprising and pleasing So, only silently ask myself in mind   Next  happiness, when will come?When our family relationship, friendship, love and personal relationship became four cups different thick and Subtle tea, At push a cup to change, always have absentminded hesitation: Which on earth   cup that is supposed to be first degusted in the best taste time ,which final cup ? Then the different person always have a different choice. Big customs under of the small customs is always not allowed, stick to a final twist, always wish to obtain an additional happiness.Dark light, just light each other. The oakley sunglasses discount responsibility that you and my shoulders take together, the such as one dust covers up. Afraid only afraid the light is suddenly put out in theendless dark night and Countless loneliness.Always insisting. Use iron scoop is too cold; Use porcelain scoop is too weak; A wood scoop, engraved veins safely, engraved

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