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puppet army with a bold, go back and hit him with a gun. Nice and close, a shot hit his right upper arm. He cocked a crooked, not fall, but had numb right arm, sub hand gun. However, he has not stopped ahead. This work he came up with a puppet army, puppet army to follow him when was two shots back, shot is hit Li Jinkui in the stomach, he could not support any more, piers immediately a butt sitting on the ground. Fall of Yangtze River and its follow, both fired a dozen, puppet army then ran away. Yangtze River and Leng autumn came to see, Li Jinkui pretty heavy injuries, are a little afraid, they set up he wanted to retire. However, high behind hardcore commanding part of the puppet army, shot in the head near Chichi, three people also hurried to flap. At this juncture, from the alkali Earth “when sth” someone hit the Shuttle box gun, their puppet army with several, this flat to move, Leng and Li Jinkui to quickly set up the Yangtze River in autumn drilling Alkali lands back to withdraw. The Shuttle box Cannon who is calling? This is Sun Dingbang. It turns out that Qi Ying and Sun Dingbang comes after alkaline land, Li Jinkui they haven’t found him, heard them play together. They also don’t know Li Jinkui they plan how to play, has not had time to see the enemy’s deployment, so it has just a dozen of times, they did not dare to both fresh and dry. They have great difficulty to make clear, saw some of the puppet army followed Li Jinkui and three ass behind, so Sun Dingbang is a shuttle box gun. oakley jawbone red  This shuttle bullets while assisting Li Jinkui retreat of three persons, but this part of the puppet army up towards his gun. Looking to the next, part of Japan the Japanese came here. Sun Dingbang is a bit anxious, oakley m frame hybrid s he Qi Ying said: “if we switched to withdraw it. “Qi Ying has been busy gun doesn’t work. It is strange! Do bad? Look carefully, Commissioner of insurance! He falls insurance. This part of the puppet army qcheap oakley holbrook uickly ran over, he hurried to the enemies of a round, “when sth” shuttle shot out, but an enemy or hit, is only a puppet army was hurriedly lay down obediently.For a while, then made him. Dead won’t die, just look at his good fortune. “Maintaining President is elected, but no Jie Erhu Speck. At this time, two Tigers behind high hardcore gently asked the sentence, “the tall oakley sunglasses sale  captain, how can I? “High-hardcore: selected him to pull down. Hearts took a turn, it says: “dataijun says: you self-defense heads of Mission (turn on the guys). You are all members, who do not obey too. “Two Tigers to give a talking-to, did not say anything, they shouted at him to spit

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