NHL Jerseys vomit a purple flower buds

Time flies, senility, in the autumn to last, NHL Jerseys Shop  the road lined with trees leaves from green to yellow gradually, a few games strong north blows, and on the edge of the only count some pieces of dead leaves in the cold sways, trembling; In the past the green lawn gradually lost vitality, sharp blade is about to embark on our ideas as if the old man, first from the top by green turned white, gradually to root development, ZhenZhenShi validated the article “LiLi on the grass, one a withered flourish…” This of rhyme.


The more this time, the more I cherish keep not green, how to look forward to heart youth and often companion side. A day in the evening, the new-found, remembered the basin is almost forgotten bracketplant, so casually go to the balcony, see the green vines overhanging to the bottom of the flowerpot position after, beginning around to extend the become warped, and murmured to himself: “ok… well…” Then end up a glass of water is ready to pour into the basin, suddenly surprised to find that a root of the top two vines the green leaf among middle, NHL Jerseys vomit a purple flower buds, such as the petals of the needle is in bud, let me see! Is really pleased with himself that it is “intentional load flower does not open, not LiuLiu into colorful.” Not to daily often boring life a little warmth of joy.


Will stand, gradually to healthcare, cognitive destiny, as the saying goes: people had forty days past and youth gone forever, is no time. Authentic NHL Jerseys When standing in the balcony, through the Windows pinglan overlook, looking at in the winter sun warm trees on sparse branches have only brown leaves the wind; Looking down at the floor between the former days from the lush lawn have begun to yellow, heart not a sense of loss. NHL Hockey Jerseys Around patience appreciate stem tendril a vertical, with petite but colorful petals bracketplant, can’t help remembering the ZuiWengTing to record “of the famous words” continued rejection of the landscape, and care about between……”

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