You make it sound like I was waiting for the right

I gesticulated, looking for the right words. None came. I used the next best. You ate him, Joshua! Joshua laughed, which sounded unbelievably bizarre coming from a dog. I’m sorry, Tom, he said, finally. Now I know juicy couture cheap what you’re getting at. You make it sound like I was waiting for the right moment to body-snatch Ralph. It didn’t happen that way. I told you before that the Yherajk don’t do that sort of thing. Tom, Ralph was dying. And this was the only way to save him. I don’t understand, I said. Well, if you promise not to yell at me anymore, I’ll tell you. All right? All right, I said. Good, Joshua said. Let’s go into the living room. Could you do me the favor of getting me a beer?
What? A beer, Tom. You know. A brew. Oat soda. Suds. I don’t have any tendrils to open things with anymore. And just because I’m a dog doesn’t mean I couldn’t use a drink every now and then. I’ll meet you in the living room. He padded out. I went to get him a beer, a bowl to drink it out of, and a couple of aspirin for myself, and then joined him in the living room, taking a juicy couture grey daydreamer bag seat in my lounger. I downed the aspirin, took a slug of the beer to chase them down, and put the rest of it in the bowl. Joshua lapped it up. I reached over to pet him, but then I stopped. It didn’t seem appropriate anymore. You don’t pet thinking things. That’s better, Joshua said. Thanks, Tom. You’re welcome, I said. Now, what happened out there? Ralph had a heart attack, Joshua said, and I watched his mouth as he spoke. His mouth hung open as the words came out ┬Ś it was like he had swallowed a radio. We were a couple of miles from here, going up a hillside. Ralph had been fine up until then.
But on the way up the hill, I heard him give a little whimper. I looked back juicy couture brand and he had collapsed. I went back to see if there was anything wrong, but I didn’t see any cuts or bone breaks. So that’s when I entered his brain, and found out he had a heart attack. How could you tell? I could read where he was feeling pain, Joshua said. His whole chest felt like it was being squeezed. Ralph was confused, of course; he’s just a dog, after all. He didn’t know what was going on. Why didn’t you call me then? I asked. I would have come back and taken Ralph to the vet. Think about it, Tom, Joshua said. You were in Venice Beach at the time, remember? By the time you got back here and hiked out to where we were, Ralph would have been long gone. And even if you had got back in time and had taken him to a vet, the vet would’ve just told you there was nothing to be done.

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