Gucci handbag launch of the new

Gucci and UNICEF co-operation gucci replica handbags entered the sixth year, recently, the brand is pleased to announce the launch, Gucci for UNICEF “special section gray” La Pelle Guccissima “Sukey handbags. This section handbags will continue to sell for one year, 25 percent of each item of sales proceeds will be donated to the UNICEF Schools for Africa “Africa’s Grant Program.

Since April 15, 2010 to 28 February 2011,gucci replica this “Gucci for UNICEF” Sukey handbags will be released simultaneously in over 20 countries worldwide, the Gucci store and official website, the retail price of $ 1,295 .Gucci and UNICEF’s global co-operation from 2005, when the brand was first launched Gucci contributions to the United Nations Children’s Fund program. The international fund-raising activities, Gucci history of the widest impact on charitable cooperation, designed to support the United Nations Children’s Fund sub-Saharan Africa affected by AIDS orphans and children’s assistance programs.

Gucci, the Italian fashion brand Gucci replica gucci bags Augustine Chi was founded in Florence in 1921. The Gucci brand is renowned for its high-end, luxury and world-famous for its brand image of the identity and a symbol of wealth to become rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion capital.Of course, such an elegant temperament, not a casual in a residential project can manage, but in the four-room mansion in the Hing Wah Wah News, you can certainly feel like Gucci generally upscale, luxury, such as an aristocrat of the gas field.Hermes Birkin

Here, you can feel SHOPPINGMORE where unavoidably convenience, you can experience the shock of the Jin Yi Film city immersive, can touch Homemart considerate comfortable quiet can hand the brilliance of the New World sparkling bright. Whether it is commercial, hermes birkin price shopping, entertainment, traffic, all under control, a neat and tidy, calm and quiet.Gucci high-end, luxury sought after by distinguished, four bedrooms and Hing Wah Wah News is also highly respected. Area of 178-220 square meters, South transparent units, overlooking the landscape of Sand Lake, 3.5 Articles of the garden, giving you the full freedom of space to give your home a Gucci standards.


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