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Italian fashion prada replica company Prada to consider if market conditions allow, will be listed in Hong Kong next year to help the company’s business expansion in China. At the same time there is news that the fastest month hired investment bank to help market arrangements.

After five years replica prada bags is expected that China will become one of the world’s largest luxury goods market.Prada owns Miu Miu, Car Shoe and Church”s brands, in moving away from financial turmoil, reduce debt and to open new stores in Asia.

According to data replica prada handbags released last month, Prada, cut six months of the end of July, its earnings before interest, tax and profit before depreciation more than doubled year to 225.2 million euros (24.2 million), revenue has increased 29 % to 936.5 million euros (about 10.08 billion Hong Kong dollars).

“Hong Kong is considered prada replica handbags one of the listed market, but not only.” Spokesman said.The company many times in the past 10 years to prepare the market, the most high-profile one was in 2001, but scrapped the Sept.

11 terrorist attacks, attacks the market has been very weak.Some analysts believe, Prada estimates for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization profit (EBITDA) of 10-15 times, the first-half EBITDA to 225.2 million euros.

In terms of annual Hermes Lindy profit calculation, Prada market valuation in the 45-67 billion euros.If the successful listing of Prada, will attract other Italian luxury goods companies such as Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo) and Moncler follow-up.Prada listed in Hong Kong will share their investors the opportunity of China’s rapid economic growth, and both U.S. and European economic recovery.

The first half of this hermes lindy bags year’s sales in Asia grew by 47%, 29.3% global revenue growth to 936.5 million euros.Prada spokesman said, “2011 may be the time to market, but the problem is not identified, will depend on market conditions.”

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