Louis Vuitton handbag on the rose

Louis Vuitton CEO Yves Replica Handbags Carcelle on Friday said the company’s brand well prepared to withstand the financial turmoil, despite the current global economic uncertainty, but the consumer demand for its products continues to expand.

Carcelle luxury fashion company in this newly opened flagship store in Sydney, a top opening ceremony that the first nine months of 2011 the industry situation is good, if there is an invisible barrier to protect against market volatility affecting the luxury goods industry.

He said, designer Replica Handbags “saw and heard more news coverage of national bankruptcy, rather than individuals.” He pointed out that the rich and people who work have yet to see their personal income.”It’s like the customer today said,” Oh, we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Oh, if I see a nice pair of shoes, a nice bag, nice suit or dress, this will not completely change my future.

“Maybe I can louis vuitton replica not afford the big dream apartment, or replaced by a ship, but I can afford a pair of shoes.”Carcelle said, the customer is ready to buy luxury of preparation, and for more sophisticated and personalized product demand is increasing.He said, “I remind you that in 2009, the performance of most sectors fell, but we announced double-digit growth worldwide news in 2010 as well.”

He said, Louis Vuitton has made a long-term plans will not be just to fight the problem and develop a short-term strategy.”Of course, I think we eventually will have at least one day in Europe or the United States for countries to pay poor management,” he said.”Obviously, our country will one day eventually accumulated debt will be converted to higher taxes. “But that is the louis vuitton replica handbags future one day, so we have to carpe diem,” he joked.Louis Vuitton has been practicing for 25 years in Australia, but this new store in Sydney, only 13 worldwide, like, can provide the perfect shopping experience. Carcelle said, “Europeans do not realize that Australia is the world’s customers top 10 customers.” “Sometimes can not remember the European headquarters in Australia, but Australia is a huge market in Sydney should be the same as” New York’s Fifth Avenue “attention.” Oscar-winning replica louis vuitton handbags actress Cate Blanchett together with Carcelle store opening ceremony. Down three buildings designed to emulate the retro style of luxury, Louis Vuitton store decorated with leather goods, including hand-designed specifically for the store crocodiles, kangaroos and koalas.However, the most distinctive is the VIP room, it is only 2 in the world, customers can customize their own luxury, including handbags, shoes and belts.

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