Hermes handbag history

Initially, Hermes hermes replica is in Paris City, a specialized production of various supporting carriage exquisite decorative harness shop ( from Hermes Logo can be seen in this period of history ).

In 1885 the annual replica hermes exhibition in Paris, Hermes won the first prize of such products. Thereafter, Hermes ‘s son Amir Charles to build stores, production and sales of saddle and other items, and the beginning of retail business.

As the vehicles replica hermes bags appearance and the development, Hermes begin to change the line of production, its exquisite production technology used in other products, such as wallets, bags, handbag, watch band, and some sports such as golf, polo, hunting and other needed aid, but also the production of high-end design sports apparel. Hermes brand, all products are made using only the finest advanced materials, pay attention to the decoration process, the details of sophisticated, with its excellent quality to win a good reputation.In Hermes history, and together create a great sensation news event was in 1920.

Prince Welsh design hermes bags of the zipper type golf jacket, in twentieth Century to become the earliest leather garment design. Hermes fourth generation successor Jean cover long and Robert Dumas, in its leather products based on, and the development of the perfume, head of new category, to 1960 time, ceaseless development expands the Hermes company has all kinds of fashion and perfume and other products.

In 1970, Hermes Hermes Kelly is a pure hand industrial family factory, but after 15 years, Hermes brand has become the production of high quality super multinational company, turnover enlarged 5 times, now, companies are constantly expanding the scale of Hermes

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