Hermes birkin handbags

Birkin Serge birkin hermesGainsbourg Elvis Presley, in France ‘s arms, she is Jane, shy and slutty girl Jane. In world fashion Fetish crazy eyes, Herm e s the most popular Birkin Bag. In the music industry, she is soft synonymous with sexy, moaning like singing, hoarse voice with a childlike natural sexy.

In the 70’s fashion hermes birkin black memories, she is a short hair having neutral idol. It is this remain free personality to that Herm e s designer Dumas inspiration. In 1984, Dumas met on the plane Jane, Jane suffer from newborn child belongings storage problems and distress, to the president complained that they could not find work well and practical big bag, they are Kelly Bag kelly hermes bags Birkin Bag cooperative design based on. This package to Kelly Bag fine to be strict in one’s demands, like Jane Birkin into that remain free soul — package will open, the article inside out as much, but this is Birkin girls don’t care, they believe that even in the most common T-shirt and jeans, as long as there is this bag, forever it is the focus of the crowd.

Birkin and kelly bag and Birkin two handbags from Hermer traditional saddle inspired, like twins. What is the same, two handbags are usually uses the rare leather in the first-class leather production process, be strict in one’s demands, the natural price also does not poor.

In addition, alike sac, kelly hermes are two handbags, long a predetermined list of a year or so, not too long. Because of many similar characteristics, if inadvertently sometimes people will confuse the two. In fact, the most simple method, is through the handbag handle to identify. Single handle handbag is Kelly, then the two handle is Birkin.

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