Gucci handbags leather maintenance

Off season to gucci replica handbags collection bag, in storage before cleaning the surface, and the bag to put clean broken paper or cotton shirt, to keep the bag shape, and then the bag into the soft cotton bag, in the cabinet of purses should avoid improper extrusion deformation. Storage of leather products cabinets must keep ventilation, such as shutter door cabinet is better, but the cupboard is best not to put too many items.

Leather ‘s natural gucci replica oils with longer or use too many times and gradually reduced, so even a senior leather also need regular maintenance. Suggest you in every store leather products before, should go for it and dust cleaning. General leather products the best first on the leather maintenance oil, practice is rubbed oil on clean cloth, and then evenly wipe the surface, avoid oil directly applied in leather goods, to avoid injury to the skin. Leather products, maintenance heavy road is “the treasure”, usually in the use of handbag whether attention is not messy scratching, will not be rain, was not stain pollution, are the most basic knowledge of maintenance handbag.

Otherwise, replica gucci bags wait for a problem to deal with, the effect will be poor.Leather strong absorption, attention should be paid to pollution, high-grade frosted leather is particularly noteworthy.Once a week with a dry towel water wringer, repeated several times to swab.If there are stains on the leather, with a clean wet sponge dipped in warm detergent wipe, and then let it dry naturally. The official use of the former may obscure corners to try.If the leather on the overturned drinks, immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to the dry, and wipe with a damp cloth, let dry naturally, do not use hair dryer cylinder.If stained with grease, can be used for cloth to wipe clean, the remaining by the natural dissipation or cleaning agents cleaning, non-water scrubbing.If found any holes, rags burning phenomenon, do not attempt to repair, please contact the day Fox company professional services staff.Not to store leather products furniture placed in the sun exposure, it will cause the leather chapped and fade.

High quality leather Hermes Birkin surface may have slight scar, can by hand on temperature and oil so slight scar desalt.Leather careless caught in rain water, should be placed after the ventilation dry shade drying can. Avoid fire drying or sun exposure to sunlight.The use of leather goods and maintenance, to some testing on the bag bottom or the inner less conspicuous place, to be determined without the problem before use in the leather.

Leather careless hermes birkin price generate wrinkles, can use iron set into wool and cloth ironing temperature.Leather hardware maintenance, should be used with dry cloth. Such as micro oxidation, try to flour or toothpaste male gently wipe the metal can.General paint leather by soft cloth to wipe.Shiny leather maintenance, please use a little of leather maintenance oil dip in the soft cloth, and is slightly pressed on leather friction; matt leather maintenance, usually just cloth swab, if dirt is serious, try to similar rubber rubber wipe gently remove.Leather goods such as produce stain spots, may be tried with the same color leather alcohol swab.Suede leather should use soft brush to remove animal surface dust and dirt, such as pollution more serious, try to push to the uniform dispersion eraser gently removes dirt.

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