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In this section, we investigate the burberry scarf effect of individualism concerning the profitability of momentum methods throughout countries. We classify nations into three groups, from minimal (bottom 30%) to large (top 30%), centered on their scores concerning the individualism index (Indv). Country-average and country-neutral portfolios are created in every Indv-sorted set of countries. because we phone for that every profile consist of the lowest of two countries, the sample time period starts from feb 1984 and ends in June 2003.
Table 5 provides the standard month-to-month burberry tote bag returns on these Indv-sorted momentum portfolios. The proof reveals that momentum income monotonically enhance using the rating from the individualism index. The standard return concerning the large Indv country-average profile is about 0.84% every thirty days receiving a t-value of 6.76, as well as the distribute in between the standard returns concerning the large Indv as well as the minimal Indv country-average portfolios is about 0.53% every month, which could be extremely considerable receiving a t-value of 3.42. comparable findings are obtained developing utilization of burberry blue label bag country-neutral portfolios.

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