With top class gem gorgeous writing chapter

In 1906, Alfred Van Cleef and Estelle Arpels brothers Charles and Julien hand in hand in the Place Vandome 22, Tiffany and Co established the first a jewelry shops, from now on opened Van Cleef & Arpels in one hundred the first chapter legend.

Luxury fashion password

Van Cleef & Arpels and have special high fashion.

For decades, brand continuously explore luxuriant elegant vogue element, with buttons, zipper, ribbons and bows as inspiration, bold put forward “will become jewelry, jewelry cloth cloth into the innovation of the concept,Tiffany Earring the cloth and jewelry by Van Cleef & Arpels gem craftsman’s” golden hand “for the treasures of irregular change is unique, with exquisite craft draws the outline of the natural and graceful and beautiful modelling decorate female beautiful condition, which reflect the custom-made fashion trend over the top.

The legendary secret type inlaying

With more than eighty years history of the Tiffany Set original revolutionary patent technology “Mystery Setting the secret type inlaying” fusion technology and innovation is the best example.

The special technology will each gem separate set in a less than 2 mm in diameter of metal with a fine,Tiffany Cufflinks let the gem in the beautiful and fluent line close to each other in the joint, make a full of stereo feeling but not revealed any metal line or set the surface of the claw, blossom the acme of glare.

Jewelry family’s commitment

Adhere to choose the best gem is tiffany eternal principle. Combined with two big jewelry family’s strong background,Tiffany Pendant Tiffany to acquire and select a gem has the incomparable advantage.

Each a tougher screening by the stones of have the quality except acme, more should have a clever and a miss characteristics,Tiffany Rings namely the lapidary “the beauty of soul”.

Only a few customers are lucky enough to have the most beautiful in the world of stones,Tiffany Necklaces this is Tiffany had been under the countries all over the world and royal noble peirce praise highly prestigious women and favorite’s sake.

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