Tiffany jewelry write the luxury note of popular

Shanghai Winston Harry Wiston’s Ultimate Adornments senior jewelry series jump to the thinking limitations to the various countries to represent the dress design inspiration for bring border, Tiffany and Co Jewelry realized the Winston jewelry set in Mr Act the women of the skin even. The fashion industry to adorn article simulation blowing madness “collar” deserve to act the role of agitation, such as Louis Vuitton Lanvin and, for whole supplement with metal, and chromatic crystal pearls and soft or dull Senior jewelry design also quickly responded to fashion styles, Shanghai by Winston Harry Wiston the first to launch the “Ultimate Adornments jin brought series” senior jewelry, for this wave of popular write the luxury of note.

Couture dress design elements into Jewelry, has always been fine Jewelry strengths, especially Haute Couture advanced order uniform in the most representative bud silk, bowknot, folds crease technique, have already in his unique Jewelry House interpretation process, unreal turn out or classic or halfback expression way. When we innocent thought “dress” can only equal to European series dress element, Tiffany Set the Shanghai jeweler Winston Harry Wiston’s Ultimate Adornments senior jewelry series but jump to think about the limitations to the various countries to represent the dress design inspiration for bring border, from the show, such as the bud silk fabric structure and cloth of contemporary feeling and complexity, clipping, diamond highlight refract the light, and jewelry products in women can show the limb of fluency and the meek, starting with the dense composite sheet, nail Mosaic (Channel Setting), bag set (Bezel Setting) and claw set four Mosaic technology to realize the naming with some “formal dress” and “real” implications of the “jin brought” series.

Frederic DE Narp, Shanghai Winston Harry Wiston President explained, “Adornment, not only only” Adornment “meaning, particularly in Africa,Tiffany Set Diamond China and Mongolia, this kind is decorated more between the neck with” coronation implications.” At the same time, the series covers the 7 of the culture of the dress with decorative features, such as drawn from the Chinese cheongsam brought interstate design, with buttons Qipao to structural clipping and KaiJin design famous Mongolian traditional clothing Deel, the brand jewelry design masters legend Shinde since India traditional clothing made of inspiration Caftan, “is one of the most important moment in clothing, Shanghai as Winston Harry Wiston jewelry, from tailor, cloth, with beads, embroidery, sewing embroider,Tiffany Bracelet the need for highly process can finish.” They even don’t under the name of senior custom, but with senior reality of the custom.

In addition to the above three big dress style besides, on behalf of the Italian fine work and France having loose bud silk knitting the Lace Guipure and Queen of Lace, means Hollywood actress Red Carpet luxuriant dress Draperie and Winston lady elegant dress style Mrs. Winston, also is the key performance. And this series of making the most difficult in the place, that is, every single works, “are mobilized 4 ~ 6 name in its long each bench jeweler,Tiffany Necklace some secret was set, responsible for some is bag with each other, to coordinate the jewelry inlaid can show weaving structure, harmonious texture and clipping, specific steps to complete to delivery to a craftsman, the process of need to the repeated correction, the review, the average products each time consuming about 1000 hours making.” Although tried a unprecedented proposition, but each piece of jewelry is the persistent with Shanghai Winston Harry Wiston style.

According to the brand founder Harold Winston Harry Wiston sir said, “if can of words, I hope to put the diamond direct embedded in the woman’s skin,” Ultimate Adornments jin took top jewelry series,Tiffany Ring no doubt, the more fulfilled the other is a famous fashion industry, “clothes is the 2 nd skin of the woman”, with a kind of more 3 D dimension of expression, realize the Shanghai Winston Harry Wiston sir expectations.

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