Tiffany jewelry diversified wear art

According to customer special preferences and requirements, design meets the customer’s needs,Tiffany and Co Jewelry can change, has a variety of ways to wear functional jewelry, is the most important style concept tiffany one.

In 1951, the duchess of Windsor hope to have a zipper modelling, cutting the diamond jewelry inlaid trapezoid tie-in dress, Zip necklace was born.

This type of such as really a zipper slide freely necklace,Tiffany Set Ring break the world jewelry wearing impression of a single, will open a zipper is necklace, the demolish part accessories and zipper closed became bracelet, incredible way reflect the diversity of wearing tiffany extraordinary creativity.

Later, all kinds of rare and precious stones choose tiffany continuously, with exquisite enchases craft created a series of incomparable Zip works, make it become the jewelry industry’s most fashionable feeling of the classic series.

The nature of the endless possibility

Nature is always tiffany favorites themes. Whether colorful flowers,Tiffany Ring have the dragonfly or butterfly wings shining birds of the lifelike, or the insect, the life of the induced vibrations boundless imagination, flap with tiffany treasure gem craftsman creation, in the most wonderful technique capture nature exuberant vitality and an ephemeral beautiful moments, and write a poetic and reality of blending charm, the dynamic nature of incisively and vividly presents beautiful condition.

The electric poetic beauty condition

In 1940, the first in the United States launched New York tiffany chief ballet with elves fairy jewelry series,Tiffany Bracelet the electric poetic interpretation of women as well as beauty state exclusive elegant temperament.

Naive and noble elves fairy frozen in the form of lively nifty, or handsome to magic wand waving, or light beat bao ruchan ala, in the dream of magic in the forest dance cheerfully; Harmonious and elegant ballet acme of perfect combination of art a luscious, curves of bright in the most poetic gems of dancers lightsome and lithe and graceful way to reshape the dance.

The hottest party series

In 1940, the first set to create tiffany dance as the theme of the jewelry.

Since then, tiffany’s arabesque, ballet dancer and elegant attitude, in light of dazzling caught in time, Tiffany Necklace a ballet dancer’s unique style.

It just shows tiffany special and unique jewelry process. Since then, the Ballerina Dancer suit will become part of the legend.

Ballerina Dancer suit and heart dialogue.Tiffany Cufflinks Platinum and diamond by creating the double bowknot set each other off brightness, Ballerina Dancer suit let people fall in love at first sight.

Necklace sparkle unripe brightness, pear-shaped, and horses cut diamond necklace type eye to more show beautiful charming.

Implement the tiffany’s jewelry design always is changeable,Tiffany Earring Ballerina Dancer necklaces Ballerina Dancer can split into separate brooch wear.

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