Tiffany jewelry: can’t resist the pure blue

More and more people tend to on a cold season to warm the beach for the New Year holidays, Tiffany and Co appreciate the romantic view of the sea, and enjoy the sun bathing. In such a dreamy blue vacation, and blue jewelry and no matter and environment or mood all bring out the best in each other. The pure, pure and fresh blue jewelry that it has its own unique charm, have “unlimited”, “the eternal” meaning of blue gems is also the devotion of noble, a symbol of exalted position and identity.

Heard Anderson well-known fairy tale “the daughter of the sea”? Betsey Johnson of the ring is from this beautiful story inspired, with blue gems to build the fingertips of ocean, with blue diamond carved beautiful mermaid body line,Tiffany Earring is to show us a fairy tale as the dream picture.

Blue shell with the breath of wind blow on the face and come, exaggerated modeling shows the free personality, unique material to highlight the pure and fresh feeling.

Tiffany never spare performance to nature it preference.Tiffany Pendant To draw inspiration from the nature and to reflect the nature of the good is blessed has been high on Tiffany. This type of butterfly ears by sapphire inlay to nail, perfect Mosaic technology will stood cabinet sapphire combination into an elegant handicraft.

Anna Hu forget-me-not flower ring

This is a ring, also is in the garden of the fingertips. “Eternal love” is not the meaning of the flowers,Tiffany Necklaces blooming forget-me-not eternal in the ring to carving, will never die

Blue modeling clips

Blue with distinct Chinese characteristics, blue and elegant calm,Tiffany Keyring the style that restore ancient ways do not have a lasting appeal, a small fine earrings are the combination of culture and art.

Cartier Sortilege DE series bracelet

Pear-shaped sapphire and navy blue small beads and create this type of Cartier Sortilege DE series bracelet.Tiffany Rings Although bracelet incorporates elements of many, but blue calm feeling of this bracelet that did not appear heavy and complicated.

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