Individuality tiffany jewelry display unique aesthetic feeling

Pay attention in the life all the person of detail, to found that the quality of life of the beauty of the bit.Tiffany Jewelry As we see these jewelry, personalized design and delicate details to reduction of jewelry it reflects unique aesthetic feeling. Will the precious metals and colorful stones perfect collocation, combines the modern jewelry design idea, every little bit between people with deep to shock.

Classic jewelry design, again tie-in diamond crystal as drilling the cutting technology, it bright shining successful captured the fashionable jing rapid eye, design similar to the baroque style, the work is show luxuriant dazzing design, quickly get to the many the royalty and Hollywood actress for life.

In the eighteenth century with the high the latest fashion style in salon,Tiffany Charm a bird’s eye view of the crystal droplight, while sitting in a circular weaving Louis xvi chair of Mr. Dior, is now watching their customers choose luxuriant late outfit.

His career in fashion in 1947, when the designer has decided to adopt the age of enlightenment, namely, France’s princess Mary era style, this is the ultimate taste great France index. Rose image, and it is the time pets,Tiffany Key Ring also be Christian Dior natural ChunBuLao long series of theme.

Dior senior jewelry latest AD, fashionable Dior princess place oneself in age scene, look in the 1951 “Tableau final” skirt, the skirt of shu sunflower corolla can also find roses sight.

Rose and Dior sir story, began in 1906 France hill top precipice crest of Normandy aston villa, only one in Mr. Dior, when his parents bought a big farm Rhumbs, began to plant roses, also this young Christian planted in love in the fate of the roses. In Mr. Dior autobiography “Christian Dior and I,” he recalls that when large manor explained: “in my fashion in, light shallow pink supplement,Tiffany Accessories is always the gravel ash of my favorite color.

His mother Madeleine Dior lady shaped around the manor English garden, let Mr. Dior develop originality, create later rose garden. Is the wind? Is the wind will Mr. Dior and his rose drift to the distant longs (Avenue Montaigne)?

Because of the villa rose, orange pink, yellow pink, white, everything became Mr Dior favorite design,Tiffany Necklaces late outfit are often can be found on rose pattern, embroidery and float flowers tapestry. Rose also became part of Mr. Dior daily life. He loved collecting has rose pattern porcelain, use them adornment, longs Grand Salon of the 18 th century mantel. Of course, in the nearby Paris Milly-la-Foret garden in, rose also logical to enjoy the highest position.

Mr Rose said to Dior life and work so important, natural in the Dior senior jewelry in a quite a deal.Tiffany Bracelets This year, the flower of Dior for Victoire DE Castellane “Bois DE Rose” jewelry series, provide endless, vast inspiration.

Her white diamond drill or color to match line to “Rose Dior Bagatelle” ring; In the “Rose Dior Pre Catelan” jewelry series is bold use coral, onyx, jade pulp and pink crystal; Even in the Precieuses Rose “jewelry series of roses in around the place of the gem.Tiffany Rings However, this time of inspiration, is not from flowers itself, but it’s stem, Victoire explained: “rose stems cling to the fingers, make jewelry send out, like romantic tender feelings poetic announcement or eternal love symbol.”

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