Hermes bag costly classic review

2011 fall and winter, Hermes leather to a creative, Hermes Birkin 30CM the potential to consistently low-key costly, British costly wind blew fall and winter.

Hermes adhering to the minimalism new luxury concept, with deep exquisite craft, high quality of the European level leather, match on the unique grain design and exquisite and soft British breath, making a delicate elegance, fashion bag products, perfect interpretation of a jaguar brand character: style and not be seen, elegant and not artificial.

This year fall and winter jaguar its business fine leather bag, and every product development design from the markets to the last,Hermes Kelly 32CM after the jaguar global design and creative team of strict selection, all without exception shows the pure British lineage, the modern breath and costly qualitative feeling, for your delicate life add sensational new costly wind model.

In order to make everyone zero distance experience new luxury England breath, this fall and winter the new products, to you, recommend a few fusion elegant taste, the life and not fashionable jaguar leather bag,Hermes Jypsiere and believe that in this autumn winter season will bring you a quality life surprise.

Lightning attack agility, forest a languid is lazy, known in the majesty of the roar, the elegant walking way, this is the leopard. This type of business series design inspiration is derived from the mystery of it, elegant, strength, Guise, like walking in the modern city of the reinforced concrete jungle, beautiful fierce leopards general, and the standings. At the same time, this design using car line reflex practice,Hermes Victoria appearance is concise, fluent, and the function of a portable, exquisite craft, Lord Bag function is rich, pressure seal logo, concise vogue. The leather select some European level of male niuniu embryos, strict chooses super soft FeiGong calf leather Rou system, touch perfect.

The business administration leather bag is to agree with practical and aesthetic principle, the design is novel special, both business rigorous, and out of the self and the unique flavor. Bag in the skin when an eight-lane nor the stick design,Hermes Garden Party and played the package stand face and energy effect, bag is trapezoid side effect, make the body bag looks slender frivolous. Excelsior LOGO rivets and hardware leopard, acme perfect. This is absolutely suits pursuit change, confident and pay attention to the sense of reality business people buy.

The leather face as bright as mirror business leisure leather bag, and smooth tactility, not only a real soft body skin, and double color effect, full-bodied in point of costly restoring ancient ways through tonal; Light and concise design, free,Hermes Wallets and along with the gender, deduce the meets business man’s free and easy. And before the special design picture, then do not have a XunWei; Delicate LOGO hardware, tie-in English LOGO, concise stereo, witness brand honor.

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