How commodities Convert the money into Cash loans ?

Some theories about money and universal is belief in these theories.” that as life becomes more complex barter no longer suffices as a method exchanging commodities and by common consent one particular commodity is fixed on which is generally acceptable and which therefore, everyone will take in exchange for the things he produces or the services he renders and which each in turn can equally pass on to others in exchange for whatever he may want” My father give me book in which this quotation wrote and actually i prefer this one qutation in my real life also.IMoney is the main preference for me and you know the second one is my family for me, but everyone has to be very careful because only money is not the important thing in our life. If you are a married person then you have to spread love in your family first because only love can gives them real sensaton of good feeling and you can survive better than money with them.yes ,i know money matters but always not. Money is the only thing for balancing the life and life have expenses because everyone have some need,hunger need food,drinker need alchol,vacations etc. From the many years ago, people started money lending and in the 21st century some of the industry made a business using money and they started it at the large scale industry. Money lending called by many names but payday loans term very famous at this time, because people are concentrating at money for paying their unexpected bills, for parties and for vacations using these ind of instant cash loans and you will see the good and bad effect of money lending using payday loans termsActually we need money everywhere, .if a person is doing nothing, but also he needs the money. Last time I was at my home then suddenly my friend Alisha came to my home and she told me that, his boyfriend coming after5 hours. I asked that what I can do for her. Then she asked me that how can her get money as soon as possible because she needs money to give him a gift and that’s why she came to me. I told her that at that time I had no money but I suggested her for an online cash loan. She agreed and we opened a site and we give all the information with proofs and they transferred the amount in 3 three hours. She went with him and she gift him a guitar because he is a musician also. After 15 days she got salary and she payback the total amount with its interest and she hugged me. Alisha is my best friend and I will always for her.

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