Teach you to become hermes Birkin bag of people

Listed in 1986, birkin hermes Hermes Birkin bag (Birkin), is the fifth president of Jean Louis Dumas and the French actress Jane Birkin in the encounter on a trip inspired by designs produced. HERMES president was on the plane encountered a French singer,hermes birkin black JEAN (JANE) BIRKIN, she complained to the president, now can not find well-crafted and practical large bag, then president of HERMES specially designed for her this handbags, and named after her. Zoom to deepen Kelly bag, remove the cover of the structure, they can be used as a travel check, or briefcase with the Birkin bag. Kelly is more than the form of leisure, free and easy, material and color choices Bi Kaili greater selectivity. Kelly and kelly hermes bags Parkinson from the 80’s, due to too popular, but limited production capacity of artisans, global approach to custom, ordered an average, consumers need to wait two years. 2004 autumn and winter, Gautier will also extend the design of a new Birkin ratio: horizontal rectangular strap backpack (Shoulder Birkin). BIRKIN bag the size 30CM, 35CM, 40CM, 45CM and other four different options, there are 90 different leather material and colors to choose from (cowhide, kelly bagsac kelly hermes I heard that in Japan there are many people in other BIRKIN, this refers only to order. Is the black goat is people such as gold buckle silver buckle two options, but you want goatskin with diamond buttons, it would have to wait. Very special system of law should be ordered, if only to buy, you can line up on the WAITING LIST, you can be notified to the goods.

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