Hermes kelly replica handbags

September 5, hermes replica 2010 to 31, “sewing time” – Hermes (Hermes) leather world’s first standing exhibition held in Shanghai. The most compelling than the first public appearance of 32-inch and golden honey color crocodile leather Kelly Bag feather pigeons Kelly bag. This treasure from the Hermes (Hermes) leather workshop in Paris exhibition designed specifically for this sub-leather, the world’s only this one, called the unique startlingly ambitious. As Hermes (Hermes)replica hermes leather series, the most veteran of evergreen, Hermes (Hermes) Kelly Bag Kelly bag through time and space and some interpretation of the enduring legend. In the beginning of the birth, Kelly Bag is a Kelly bag designed for the hunter, “saddle bags.” In 1930, Hermes (Hermes) Kelly Bag in Kelly bag to retain the original style, based on the size to be adjusted appropriately for the ladies daily use. 1956, “Life” magazine, a shiny and full of feminine charm cover photo, to make it to Morocco, Princess Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) named Kelly Kelly Bag laid the international success of the package position. Half a century, Kelly Bag Kelly bag has been the interpretation of Hermes (Hermes) which has a long history of 170 years of the brand of elegant, sophisticated and romantic understanding. To commemorate the “sewing time” – Hermes (Hermes) Leather Exhibition in Shanghai, the world’s first exhibition, Hermes (Hermes) has created a unique and special Kelly Bag Kelly bag – 32-inch honey-colored alligator and gold feather pigeons Kelly Bag Kelly bag, replica hermes bags as this exhibition special exhibits. Hermes (Hermes) For the first time the use of feathers, rose gold and diamond three different materials and crocodile leather match, and a talent for crafts so natural. Hermes (Hermes) leather workshop in Paris takes four days a combination of smooth and porous honey-colored alligator purse body, grace and elegance. Birds such as pigeons Warriors golden armor like chest tightly, embellishment Baoshen – This is a Hermes (Hermes) leather goods and saddlery Ms. Creative Director Couli Jobert tribute to the Chinese traditional culture, particularly design. These feathers are the last Paris fashion industry working for the senior master of feather processing stops at Eliya (LemariĆ©) took 10 hours arrangement made by hand. hermes bags 229 brown diamonds in rose gold inlaid perfect buckle on the package, color rich and harmonious, it is craftsmen are the brainchild of one month. The essence of Chinese culture and Western the perfect combination of sophisticated technology to make 32-inch golden honey-colored alligator and pigeon feathers as a Kelly Bag Kelly bag leather legendary treasures; luxurious materials and craftsmanship even immortal Kay Kelly Bag Li’s elegant and classic highlight package vividly. Designed specifically for Hermes Kelly the exhibition of this 32-inch golden honey-colored alligator and pigeon feathers Kelly Bag Kelly bag, will become part of the “sewing time” – Hermes (Hermes) leather show flash in the pan, passing the love Mashi (Hermes) family of high-quality leather, this craft passion and love of the exquisite craftsmanship and the “eternal values” relentless pursuit.

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