quoniam \’piscina\’ nominatiui casus est

anno-tationibus, illius suppresso nomine, in tertia editione Noui Testamenti Erasmus emendauit, P* Bi v° (Graham, p. 52). The correction \”super piscinam\” Moncler or \”ad piscinam\” was borrowed by Er. from Valla, Annot., Garin, 1, 841, col. 2: \”Ego ad tollendam ambiguitatem dixissem: \’Est autem super Probatica Hierosolymis piscina\’, quoniam \’piscina\’ nominatiui casus est, \’Probatica\’ ablatiui, quod significat \’ouilla\’, siue vt ait Hieronymus, \’pecualis\’.\” Both Valla and Ugg Pas Cher Er. refer to Jerome, Sit. et nom. loc., Migne PL 23. 884 C – 885 A: \”Bethsaida, ciuitas in Galilaea Andreae, Pétri et Philippi apostolorum, prope stagnum Genesareth … Bethesda, piscina in Icrusalcm, quae vocabatur IIpo-^xrtxrj (et a nobis Moncler interpretari potest \’pecualis\’). Haec … habuit, ostendunturque gemini … acccpcrit.\”175 videre est V. supra, p. 19, introd., §9b.176 sciolus Post-classical word, since Jerome, Epist. 49 (48), 18,3 and 50,5, 3, CSEL 54, pp. 382 and 394 (Forccllini, 4, p. 254, s.v.). Kin-ncy translates \”a know-it-all, a smatterer\” (More, CW15, p. 589, n. 270/29).178 Chrysostomo … Cyrillo Chrys. does not explain the name in Hom. in Ioh. 36 (35), 2, Migne PG 59, 203, neither does Cyril in Comm. in Ioh. II, Doudoune Moncler 5, Migne PG 73, 336.181 -xpà tô xoXo|x(ieîv This cxplanation is not found in Etym. mag., nor in Hcsych. and Suid.; \”to swim\” is xoXuu£xv.181-182 Quae … Bethesda Nov. Test. A: \”Beth-sesda\”: B: \”Bethseda\”; C-E: \”Bethesda\”. The 1535 addition of \”Hebraice\”, which is found in Vg. (NT: \’K^pxïcrrO, may be connected with an objection from the Paris Faculty of Theology against Er.\’s correction \”Bethesda\”, especially in Paraphr. in Ioh

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