Obsonium est omnis cibus qui cum pane comeditur

maxima A-D.339-340 Vos … vobis Nov. Test. A: \”vos putatis\’; B-E: \”vos vidcmini vobis\”.341 gloriam The translation in Nov. Test.343-344 Non … temporis Modem éditions of Vg. rcad: \”et non accipitis me\”, just as Nov. Test. A; B-E: \”nec rccipitis me\”.345 speratis Also the translation in Nov. Test.347-350 Si enim … affirmat Vg: \”Si enim crc-dcrctis Moysi, crederetis forsitan et mihi\”; Nov. Test. A: \”Si enim crcditis Mosi, creditis et mihi\”; B-E: \”Si enim crcdidissctis Mosi, crcdidissctis Moncler vtique mihi\”. Cf. supra, p. 76, 1. 91 sqq., and Valla, Annot., Garin, 1, p. 841, col. 2: \”\’Forsitan\’ superuacuum est.\”352 Mtdtitudo … turba Nov. Test. A: \”multi-tudo magna\”; B-E: \”turba multa\”.353 Ad eum … ad se Modem éditions of NT rcad: r:pô; xùtôv, Vg.: Moncler \”venit ad cum\”. Nov. Test. A: «0t6v, \”ad se\”; B-E: xOtov, \”ad se\”.354-355 Quod … obseruatur Cf. ASD VI, 5, p. 123, n. 11. 329-341 ad Annot. in Mt. 3, 16.356 l\’erentium Ad. 286: \”opsonio\”. \”Obsonium est omnis cibus qui cum Ugg pane comeditur, imprimis pisccs.\” D. Ruhnkcnii In Terentii Comoedias Dictata, Bonn, 1825, p. 44, ad Andr. 360.358-359 obsonare … obsonatores \”Obsonarc\” has three différent meanings, 1. \’to producc or get provisions\’, 2. \’to purchase\’ (anything neccssary for a mcal, provisions), 3. \’to Moncler indulgc in feasting, banquet\’; \”obsonatores\” are only \’buyers of victuals\’, \’caterers\’, \’pur-veyors\’. OLD cf. ThLL 9, 2, 236, I. 21 sqq. and 234, I. 49 sq.360-361 Quid … tôt Nov.

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