Belstaff Plenty of defending Golden Gloves champs coming back for more in 2012

Earning a Daily News Golden Gloves championship is a long and arduous road. It’s not merely the punishment a boxer takes in the ring, Belstaff Blouson but the physical and emotional strain that comes outside of it. Additionally, the Gloves have opened its doors to the entire Empire State for the first time, upping the ante for a competition with an already sparkling field of talent. So what brings fighters, even those who have tasted of gold, back for more?

“The New York spotlight, ” Christopher Galeano said. ”It’s the tournament that everyone wants, belstaff that everyone knows. You don’t have to know about boxing to know about the Gloves.

Galeano, the 152-pound open champion of 2011, Belstaff Jackets plans on defending his title this year at Madison Square Garden and isn’t the only one seeking to stock their trophy case. Sylvia Yero vanquished the competition at last year’s 125-pound women’s division en route to her first title. Bothered by a 4-1 victory in the final, Yero is eager for a 2012 return.

“I didn’t feel like it was my best performance, ” Yero said of the finals. “I wanted to come back stronger and improve to show what I can really do. ”

Marcos Suarez Jr. has conquered the Gloves the past two years in the 123- and 132-pound open divisions, belstaff respectively. In the 2011 tournament, Suarez showed considerable courage, battling an injured tendon in his right arm throughout competition and a bout with pneumonia in the finals. The youngster says there are few substitutes for the Gloves stage. He plans to turn pro later next year, but only after a third Gloves victory.

“It’s prepared me a lot, ” Suarez said of the Gloves. “It got me used to fighting with a big crowd. There’s a lot of media and pressure and you have to look and fight good. That plays a big role. ”

Nisa Rodriguez got her chance at lucky number three in 2011 and passed with ease, but her trio of gold was anything but typical. Not long after her impressive first victory over 30-year-old Justine Herrera in the 154-pound final, Rodriguez, then 17, became pregnant. After a year’s hiatus, Rodriguez returned to the Gloves in the 141-pound division. Just nine months removed from the birth of her son Emerson, the Bronx product triumphed again. Her trifecta would come one year later back at 154.

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