One of the soldiers accused of hounding Pvt. Danny? Chen to his death has criminal past

One of the sadistic soldiers accused of driving Pvt. Danny Chen to his death tried to rape an ex-girlfriend a decade earlier, Moncler Jacket court records revealed Thursday.

Spc. Ryan Offutt slugged and choked the woman and threw her on a bed “so hard that she smashed into the headboard. ”

The victim told cops later she thought she “was going to die, ”Belstaff the records state.

The revelations about Offutt’s criminal past surfaced as he and the seven other soldiers implicated in Chen’s death were relieved of their duties and transferred to another Afghan base.

Chen’s parents say their 19-year-old son was beaten repeatedly and mocked mercilessly for his Chinese ancestry before he was found dead of what military calls a “self-inflicted gunshot” wound on Oct. 3.

They don’t believe Chen, Canada Goose Jacket who grew up on the lower East Side and wanted to be a cop, committed suicide.

The hulking, Moncler Jacket 6-foot-3 Offutt was allegedly one of Chen’s worst tormentors, according to the Army.

A 32-year-old from Greenville,Moncler Jacket Pa., Offutt was one of four soldiers hit with the most serious charges: negligent homicide, reckless endangerment and assault and battery.

They face up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Offutt was charged with aggravated assault and attempted rape in October 2001 after his ex told cops he pummeled her and stripped off her clothes.

“Offutt tried to have intercourse with her, ” a criminal complaint states. She “had to fight Offutt to escape. ”

At the time, Offutt was living with three roommates, two of whom were awakened “by the sounds of (the victim) screaming, ” the complaint says. They found the victim “naked and bleeding from the face. ”

Offutt pleaded guilty to simple assault and indecent assault and was sentenced to four months to two years in prison. It’s unclear how long he served. He was also required to undergo drug and alcohol treatment.

Five years later, in May 2006, Offutt enlisted in the U. S. Army, a spokesman said.

Offutt and the other soldiers are based at Fort Wainright, Alaska.

First Lt. Daniel Schwartz, the only officer charged with Chen’s death, also has a record.

The 25-year-old Maryland man was busted in 2006 for possession of a controlled substance, records show.

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