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Intense emotions because of the people running around trying to plan the Christmas dinner and worrying about the amount of food they are gonna consume. It’s good to see that once a year we truly have the worst reasons to worry and it is the only time when we enjoy worrying about something. The tree is not steady, the food is not salty enough, the plates are ugly and grandma is always asking when we’re gonna have a baby or why isn’t the fridge full enough.

We just love the holidays. Here is a break from the seasonal Coach purses with these inspiring graphics:I have wanted a snood for the longest time. This one is from Edie O’Hara Coach purses. Chunky Coach boot is always a winner with me, as are rich colours. This indigo shade packs a real punch. It’s snuggly and warm and if I do say so myself, just looks pretty awesome. Also, very reasonable prices. Go, go have a look! Now! Click here to see more.

Yesterday Star released an image of their cover (the mag is out today) with the headline “Coach outlet Online Scandal,” and a teaser for the story, which essentially accused the reality TV family of employing child laborers in factories where they are subjected to atrocious working conditions to produce their lines coach purses by Coach outlet, the Coach outlet online and Coach shoeDazzle.

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