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Web shopping giant Amazon has released the source code of the software that powers the new tablet Kindle Fire. The device works under the control of a heavily modified version of the mobile operating system Android. Published sorsove have a size of 800 megabytes and can be downloaded from the site of the Amazon, forward Tech Crunch.

Files will be useful for ordinary users, but developers and hackers will be very curious to understand what underlies the interesting tablet. Probably not in the package are all the source codes Kindle Fire, as part of the tablet software is free license.

The published information may allow the creation of modified versions of the operating system, unlockable extra features that were initially limited by the developers of the Amazon. It is too early to say what are the secrets of the cheap kindle fire, but it is clear that the device is based on Android 2.2.

In sorsovete will be able to see what drivers use the machine and understand the details of the API, which are integrated. Will be interesting to see whether hackers will be able to present a modified version with improved features and performance. kindle meaning

The original version of the operating system on Kindle Fire is closely related to the services of Amazon and offers great freedom for the use of additional services. Initial samples with source codes have already shown that at the tablet can integrate Google applications like, GMail, Maps and Reader. Yet there will be news about the most interesting modifications of the tablet.

Amazon will start deliveries of the tablet Kindle Fire six days earlier and tomorrow the first users will be able to get your device, DPA reported.

The company has already sold 5 million units, which are priced up to $ 200. what is the latest kindle

On Kindle Fire is seen as the most promising competitor to the dominant market iPad to Apple, which has higher performance, but cost at least twice.

In the words of Vice President of Kindle Fire Dave Limp device has become a best-selling product in the Amazon site and based on demand company produces millions of tablets of this kind more than planned.

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