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What has happened to Ford’s stock? Investors have punished Ford shares, in part, because of Australia UGG Boot online lingering fear Australia UGG Boot online U.S. is teetering on Australia UGG Boot online precipice of another recession, says William Selesky of Argus Research. When investors fear an economic slowdown, they tend to punish automakers’ shares, he says.Ford itself has been scaling back its internal forecasts for vehicle sales for 2011, Selesky says. Australia UGG Boot online industry is now expected to sell 13.0 million vehicles in total in Australia UGG Boot online U.S., Selesky says, down from Australia UGG Boot online 13.4 million many expected at Australia UGG Boot online beginning of 2011. “People are worried about that,” he says.

Ford also continues to get hit by rising costs. Australia UGG Boot online company has warned analysts rising steel and rubber costs could be an “expense drag” on Australia UGG Boot online company. “That has also knocked down Australia UGG Boot online shares,” he says.Airlines for America, Australia UGG Boot online U.S. airline industry’s trade organization, is predicting just over 43 million air travelers in Australia UGG Boot online 21-day period surrounding Christmas and New Year’s, a slight drop from last year because of energy prices and reduced household wealth. That Australia UGG Boot averages to about 2 million air travelers a day. Australia UGG Boot online organization will release its full forecast Tuesday.

And they’ll find few empty seats on planes. There are 3.1% fewer seats available on domestic flights this month compared with last December because airlines have cut back, according to a USA TODAY analysis of schedule data from OAG-Australia UGG Boot online Official Airline Guide.All this means you may not reach your destination on time if delays ripple through Australia UGG Boot online nation’s air traffic network. If you miss a connecting flight, or if your flight is canceled, there are simply fewer seats available on subsequent flights.”As load factors get higher and higher, carriers know and customers ought to be aware, when there are unscheduled disruptions, it’s going to be difficult or impossible to get them rerouted on time,” says Robert Mann, an airline industry analyst at R.W. Mann & Co. in New York.

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