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Just as Mother Earth is heated by infrared rays emitted by the Sun, infrared heaters emit similar rays to increase the temperature of your room to create a comfortable atmosphere for you. Unlike a regular space heater, infrared heaters do not warm the air directly, and therefore will not reduce the moisture level in the room. Low humidity is a real discomfort for people during the colder seasons; and infrared heaters will not contribute to this problem. With infrared heaters becoming more commonplace in the home today, many people are hearing of their benefits. We want to provide you with every bit of information you need before you decide to purchase an infrared space heater from us. It’s time to separate the facts from the hype!

How Infrared Heaters Differ from a Regular Space Heater
As we mentioned earlier, the major difference between a normal space heater and infrared heaters is that infrared heaters do not heat up the air to create warmth. Think about how a regular space heater operates: there is usually a heating element that gets extremely hot, and then a fan to blow that heat into your room. Infrared heaters function by emitting infrared light rays, which are invisible to the human eye. These infrared light rays penetrate solid objects, such as people, furniture, the floor, and warm them up directly. Think about the last time you walked outside and the air was bitter cold, but the sun was shining strong. Couldn’t you still feel the warmth of the sun on your face? That’s how infrared heaters work, too! As a result, people feel warm instantly when they are in a room where an infrared heater is functioning.

What About the Claims of Saving Money Energy?
It’s true that most people want to own infrared heaters because they are fed up with the high cost of operating a regular space heater. All of the fancy technology behind infrared heaters would mean nothing if they were expensive to operate! In this department, we have more good news: since infrared heaters are not wasting a mammoth amount of energy heating up the air in the room, they are incredibly efficient energy savers as well! YES — a hefty 30 to 50 percent can be saved on your electrical heating bill by switching from a regular space heater to infrared heaters.

So Far So Good, But Are They Safe?
Some people do have doubts about the safety aspect of infrared heaters. Envirotech only supplies top-grade Comfort Furnace infrared heaters. Please bear in mind that there are “cheaper” alternatives available on the market; and in every sense of the word they are just that — cheaper! With the Comfort Furnace product, there is absolutely no reason to worry, as these space heaters are as safe as can be. The heating chamber in a Comfort Furnace infrared heater is fireproof for your peace of mind. This means that every bit of our infrared heaters are cool to the touch, and there is absolutely no risk of burning. For this reason, they have been deemed safe for use around children, pets and the elderly. Also, since an infrared space heater does not emit carbon dioxide, they are also better for the preservation of the environment.

The Concept of Zone-Heating
Who hasn’t felt guilty about adjusting the thermostat for your entire home, when all you really wanted was to heat up your living room while you watched TV, or cooked in the kitchen? With infrared heaters, this problem is solved: all of our Comfort Furnace products come equipped with high quality casters on the bottom. These casters allow for easy moving from one room to the next. With an infrared heater (or two!) in your home, you can comfortably turn down the main thermostat in your home, thereby saving you even more money, and simply direct the warmth of your space heater into the room you are currently occupying. If you opt for a Comfort Furnace “UV” model, you can also enjoy a space heater that “talks to” your main thermostat and keeps the temperature in your house automatically synchronized!

Are They Difficult to Install and Maintain? Will I Face Expensive Repair Bills in the Future?
Absolutely not. The Comfort Furnace product has been over-engineered to last a good 15 to 20 years. The only consumable components are the four quartz emitters, which are estimated to last 20,000 hours. When the time to replace these elements does come, Comfort Furnace has made the process extremely simple: all you need is a screwdriver. A Comfort Furnace infrared space heater is also easy to install: just plug it in and enjoy!

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