The question is, US, will resort to violence in the near future

On the 8th of the month the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued the related Iranian secret researches and develops “the nuclear explosion device” the report, the world consensus discusses American and the Israeli preparation military hotly once more attacks Iranian, by to eliminate Iran to support the safe hidden danger which thoroughly the endorse can bring. US, by made war to Iraq has become inevitably, even the imminent option as if all of a sudden. The question is, US, will resort to violence in the near future by the real preparation to Iraq? It is well known, Israeli and Iranian old enemy. Israel recognized throughout Iran in the secret research and development nuclear weapon, tory burch handbags clearance  Iran’s, the short range missile also poses the huge threat to Israel. Moreover, US, by believed that because Iran supports enlivens in Syria and Lebanon domestic “the Hezbollah” the guerrilla force, supports in the Gaza Strip “Hamas” the military, as well as the support resists the organization in the Iraqi domestic Shiah, therefore, Iran has become the Mideast in a big way “the support terrorism” country. after in 2003 the US overthrew the Iraqi Saddam regime, the international society once was widely known the next goal will be Iran. Specially started from 2003, Iran is exposed the secret development nuclear weapon, to speed up the refinement weapons-grade enriched uranium, US and Israel many times publicly indicated that solved the Iraqi nuclear problem not to be able to remove any option, including to Iranian implementation military attack. US, by is hostile to the mood to Iran to grow day by day.

Reviews Iran is also so. in 2005 comes on stage elected by the people President Aihamaidi – in Judd, abandons former president Khatami to formulate “inside and outside temperate” the route, not only the political stand changes conservatively, moreover adopts the strong standpoint to the West, in Palestinian-Israeli peace issue, the nucleus research and development question and in the World War II question, the export is repeatedly astonishing, even declared publicly “should cancel  discount tory burch Israel from the map”, has been furious enormously Israel. Although US, take and Iran mutually as absolutely irreconcilable enemy, but US, attacks Iran by the military actually to pause in the slogan, gives “talks only” the feeling to the human. Actually, regardless of being the US or Israel, attacks in Iran’s each kind of plan already abdomen to have a record, the both countries domestic folk strategy “the think tank” the publication “the course of action” is as numerous as the hairs of an ox. Middle, the author impression is deep, should be in November, 2009 “the Foreign affairs committee prevents the motion center” by the US (Council on Foreign Relations, Center for Preventive Action) Researcher Shi the article.

Simon (Steven Simon) composes the memoir “Israel Attacks Iran” (An Israeli Strike on Iran). This report described Israel to attack Iran’s possibility in detail, the consequence which, US’s strategy and the driven machine, the target, the mode of operations, caused suggested to US’s policy, and so on, great thin has made the analysis elaborations with nothing left, made one think that US, by battles to Iran as if already is all things ready, only treats the opportunity. But without a doubt, US, by makes war to Iran, cannot bypass four most basic core questions, but are these also precisely relate US, whether by under to decide the operational decisions the key to be at: First, casus belli. So-called “has reason,  tory burch handbags the teacher leaves has according to”, the modern warfare must give a view. The US and Israel may rely on “Iran to violate the UN Security Council related resolution and to violate “Treaty on Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” are not a reason, attacks Iran. At present, although the international society not completely approves, but IAEA this report, how many also for beautiful, by resorted to violence to Iraq has provided the so-called principle according to, nobody was willing to see at least or accepted Iran to have nuclear weapon’s real situation. Certainly, US, by only depends on this report to begin to hit the human, obviously also holds true according to the insufficiently full suspicion, was very specially easy to make one association same year US depend on the false information only the absurd action which made war to Iraq, the nature anxious US can make same mistakes over again.

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