In handles in now the international significant business

But has a point to be possible to affirm nearly, in handles in now the international significant business, can the US like resort to violence really to who, perhaps does not need any reason also to be able to achieve, specially speaking of these small and weak countries, great nation hegemonism may as before the big line of its road. Second, makes war ability. If only looking from the military force contrast, US, by the military force by far strong in Iran, does not need to question that Israel already grasped has the nucleus to attack ability. But Iran’s missile, regardless of quantity or performance, also lets the tory burch handbags  Israeli deeply feeling headache, in addition Iran’s air force, the marine power sufficiently attacks the surrounding countries or blocks the Hormuz channel, therefore, Iran’s counterforce capacity cannot belittle. Once specially makes war, the Israeli north and south two side “the Hezbollah” the military and “Hamas” the guerrilla force will also enter a war in the non-frontal battlefield, forms to Israel lasting and the direct threat. Third, makes war the opportunity. This is US, considered that most are many, is also the most complex factor. Obviously, when the casus belli and makes war ability is not the major problem, when makes war becomes the key to be. Not only the opportunity assurance relates the strategy and the tactic utilizes whether to succeed, moreover also deeply domestic and foreign each political, economical and diplomatic factor influence, even about under decides the operational decisions.

To Israel, gets down decides the operational decisions the main resistance, from in domestic how whether to resort to violence to Iran achieves the widespread mutual recognition. In this aspect, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Department of Defense, the domestic temperate political influence and between the strong Judea right wing’s contradiction, was quite still obvious, also still required the time to carry on coordinated. But the author believed that Israel cannot tolerate Iran to support the nucleus the standpoint is firm, is unwavering. Once Israel Intelligence service has the enough evidence to indicate that Iran will have the possibility to carry on the nuclear explosion experiment in the near future, the home the mutual recognition which will resort to violence to Iraq will condense rapidly, resorted to violence the opportunity to Iraq also naturally to form. But, to the US, the opportunity grasps is quite actually  tory burch handbags cheap difficult. The US will not let Israel “select Iran only” obviously, but how to get rid of “two wars” will the sequela influence, how put out the large amount of money support war in the expenditure, how to take into consideration the election strategy in “the presidential year”, also how to carry on with the NATO allied country coordinated in order to militarily support Israel, these will be very real, the very complex issue. Considered these factors, the American present stage’s option should still focus in through the diplomatic negotiation and the strict sanction mix use method, contained the Iranian research and development nuclear weapon, specially hoped that through with China, Russia’s clasp, achieved slows the Iranian nucleus research and development advancement the goal.

The present stage attacks Iran, is not the American Austria Pama Government’s first choice, but next session of government, if is the Republican Party director, then attacks Iran to be inevitable. The reason is very simple, young Bush has wiped out Afghanistan Taliban regime and the Iraqi Saddam regime, the Austria Pama has killed “the base” the organization chieftain book. Does Laden, what the next session of government make? Perhaps only then severely coped with Iran. Fourth, makes war the strategy (strategic tactic choice). If makes war to Iraq, which strategic tactic will utilize? Perhaps this is also puzzles US, by under to decide the operational decisions with difficulty “worry”. For example, many public opinions believed that Israel will attack the first Iranian nuclear facility, destroys these facilities to be able thoroughly to prevent Iran nuclear program effectively. This sounds to make sense very much, because resorts to violence to Iraq the goal is lying in this. But the author believed that Israel must first probably, in “attacks the Iranian nuclear facility” or first “destroys the Iranian missile counterforce capacity (Missile base, missile discount tory burch  truck, radar command system and so on)” between both, makes the unwise choice, otherwise, the Iranian missile will counter-attack will let Israel, as well as the Iranian surrounding countries (mainly will be with all one’s strength “GCC” member nation) pays the heavy price. Obviously this is a difficult choice: Destroys the missile facility, that will be an all-out war; The targeted elimination nuclear facility, must anticipate Iran’s crazy retaliation. Therefore, makes war must prudent, be again prudent. In summary, although the military attacked Iran’s intonation already to occupy the one’s superior official, but US and Israel’s operational decisions slowly had still not been able under to decide. Inside this’s reason is obvious, but this kind “the strategy hesitates” exactly also for the international society diligently through the mediation, the negotiations solves the problem, has provided the opportunity which cannot be sat back and missed

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