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sed economic interconnection has come deep-seated political changes – poorer, ‘peripheral’, countries have become even more dependent on activities in ‘central Cheap Cheap coach bags north face hoodies Cheap Air Max 2011 Cheap north face jackets ‘ economies such as the USA where capital and technical expertise tend to be located. There has also been a shift in power away from the nation state and toward, some argue, multinational corporations. We have also witnessed the rise and globalization of the ‘brand’. It isn’t just that large corporations operate across Cheap Nike shoes cheap Air Force One many different countries – they have Cheap north face hoodies also developed and Cheap Nike Shox R3 marketed Cheap Nike Shox R3 products that could be just as well sold in Peking as in Washington. Brands like Coca Cola, Nike, Sony, and a host of others have become part of the fabric of vast numbers of people’s lives. Globalization involves the diffusion of ideas, practices and technologies Cheap north face jackets . It is something more than internationalization and Cheap north face jackets universalization. It isn’t simply Cheap Nike shoes modernization or westernization Cheap Air Force One shoes north face jackets . It is certainly isn’t just the liberalization of markets. Anthony Giddens (1990: 64) has described globalization as ‘the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a Cheap Nike Shox R3 way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles Mens Jordan shoes away and vice versa’. This involves a change Nike air max 2011 in the way we understand geography and experience localness. As well Cheap Air Max 2011 as offering opportunity it brings with considerable risks linked, for example, to technological change Nike Dunk shoes . . Globalization, thus, has powerful economic, political Cheap Air Max 2011 , cultural and social dimensions. Here we want to focus on four themes that Cheap Nike shoes appear with some regularity in the literature: de-locali Cheap coach bags zation and supraterritoriality; the speed and power of technological innovation and the Cheap coach bags associated growth of Cheap north face hoodies Nike air max 2011 39 risk; the rise of multinational corporations; and the extent to which the moves towards the creation of (global) free markets to leads to instability and division. Globali cheap Nike Air Max zation: delocali Cheap coach bags zation and supraterritoriality Manuel Castells (1996) has argued persuasively Mens Jordan shoes that in the last twenty years or so of the twentieth century, a new economy Cheap north face jackets emerged around Mens Jordan shoes the world. He characterizes it as a new brand of capitalism that has three fundamental features: Productivity and co Cheap Nike Shox R3 Cheap Air Max 2011 57 mpetitiveness are, by and large, a function of knowledge generation and information processing; firms and territories are organize Nike Air Force One
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