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e air max 95 countries dunk high shoes compete for international moncler jackets for men investment by keeping the minimum wage low, the minimum wage is often below a subsistence income, especially for supporting a family.28 The co the north face down jackets new air jordan shoes 60 de limits mandatory overtime so workers cannot be made to work more than 60 hours a week. However, a compulsory 60-hour week wholesale caps is excessive and there are no limits on voluntary overtime above and beyond this. Furthermore, the very low wages ensure that workers need to work overtime in cheap Air Force One order to earn enough to live on.29 The code gives nike dunk shoes very limited support for the right of workers to new air jordan shoes organise in unions. It merely says that corporations air force one shoes will not ‘affirmatively seek the assistance of state authorities to prevent workers from exercising these rights moncler jackets for men ‘. According to Alan Howard from the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees (UNITE), this means ‘you can let the army into the factory to put down a strike, as long as you don’t pick up nike air force one the phone and Nike Dunk shoes call them.’30 As Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange has pointed out, according nike air max air jordan shoes cheap jordan shoes 39 to this agreement companies could still pay their workers 20 cents an hour, coerce them into countless hours of ‘voluntary overtime’, use accounting firms that have no connection to workers as their external monitors and cheap nike air max be rewarded for this behavior the north face down jackets with a `no sweatshop’ seal of approval.31 For companies like Nike, whose financial bottom line does not allow it to deal with the deep-seated causes of its Nike Air Force One poor reputation, the UN now offers ad cheap supra shoes nike air max?20 ditional support to bolster their reputations. In 1999 the UN sponsored a partnership with the north face down jackets cheap air force one corporations centered on a code of principles entitled the Global Compact.32 The compact commits corporations who sign up to uphold nine human rights principles. These include the right to join unions, the elimination of child labour and the development of environmentally– friendly cheap jordan shoes technologies.33 However, critics cheap air force one argue that cheap Nike Air Max the compact is merely a means by which companies that have been accused of nike air max human rights violations can ‘win UN endorsement and use the UN emblem to give their corporate activities a branding makeover moncler jackets for men , while doing nothing of substance to clean up the conditions in their factories and industrial sites’.34 Furthermore wholesale jeans , the compact is voluntary and has no monitoring or enforcement mechanisms. All that is required of companies is that they place information on a UN website about the steps that t air force one ne Air Force One shoes
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