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The enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats and the intense opposition to Obama among Republicans loom as major challenges for the president.
“The intensity of that job-approval rating … really changes the composition of who actually votes in this election,” Romney pollster Neil Newhouse said Wednesday at a breakfast with reporters hosted by The Christian Science Monitor. “The energy behind conservatives, behind the anti-Obama sentiment — that changes the calculus in some of these individual states.”
He predicts that disappointment with Obama’s presidency will make it harder for Democrats to generate high turnout among young people, Hispanics and others whose support fueled his 2008 victory.
“My friends were overwhelmingly excited four years ago about Obama,” recalls Ryan Hill, 23, of Toledo, Ohio, a Republican and recent college graduate now working as a waiter and an unpaid intern. He hopes to enter Ohio University next fall to seek an MBA. “I don’t hear anybody talking about it any more. I think people thought that things were going to change quickly, and they didn’t.”
Rachael Piterski, 20, a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro who is considering her first vote, says she “kinda, sorta” supports Obama. “I think he’s done good, but not great,” she says.
Voters also have questions about the Republican field that the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee plan to hammer, especially once the GOP nominee has become clear. Democrats already are attacking Romney as a flip-flopper in thrall to his party’s most conservative forces.
“Elections are always about choices, and voters are going to have a very clear choice on how to move the country forward,” Messina says.
In Chesapeake, Va., Ken Carpenter, 41, a technician at a Chrysler dealership and one of those surveyed, says he is “pretty settled against the Democratic Party” but not yet impressed with the Republican alternatives.There’s always squabbling that goes on during the primaries and such,” he says, “but I’d rather have them get past that, get to some of the meat of the issues.”
Obama continues to have avid backers, especially among African-Americans. By more than 3 to 1, non-white voters in swing states support Obama over Romney.
“I think it will be relatively difficult, but I’m positive that he’ll win,” says James Thompson, 60, of Milton, Pa., who works for a company that helps people with mental disabilities.
He says the nation is “at a standstill” but blames Republican intransigence, not Obama. “I know that he has lost a number of his backers from 2008, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there,” Thompson says. “But I do think the American people will be able to see through all the negativity.”
“Considering the rotten basket of eggs he’s got, he’s done pretty well,” agrees Louis Gonzales, 57, a “jack of all trades” from Denver. He says he and other Hispanics have been offended by the harsh rhetoric used by Republican presidential candidates on immigration issues, including Cain’s suggestion that the United States build an electric fence across its Southern border. (Cain later said he was joking.)
“What if we put an electric fence across the Canadian border?” Gonzales asks. “Nobody is talking about that.”
Overall, however, Obama’s job-approval rating in the swing states is just 40%, well below the level of past presidents who have won second terms and below the 45% rating he gets in other states. His support sags especially low among men and among white, non-Hispanic voters. Only about one-third of those groups say they approve of the job Obama is doing as president.
The swing states survey of 1,334 adults, taken Oct. 20-27, has a margin of error margin of 3 percentage points. The nationwide results from a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 1,056 adults taken Oct. 26-27 has an error margin of 4 percentage points.
One factor that should bolster the Republican nominee: Nine of the 12 swing states have GOP governors, including all four big industrialized states — Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — which modern Democratic presidential candidates traditionally target.What’s more, Obama has lost his advantage over the GOP in handling critical issues, including those on which Democrats customarily are favored. Those surveyed in the battleground states prefer an unnamed Republican presidential candidate to handle unemployment, and Obama gets only equal ratings on managing health care. Nike Dunk High 6.0 Pure Purple Pro Cyan Bright Coral ,Nike Dunk High 6.0 Swan Metallic Gold ,Nike Dunk High 6.0 Black Midwest Gold ,Nike Dunk High Supreme White White Gum Light Brown ,Nike Dunk High Supreme Lakers Spring 2010 ,By 51%-38%, swing-state voters say it was a “bad thing” that Congress enacted Obama’s signature health care overhaul last year. They overwhelmingly prefer a Republican candidate to handle the federal budget deficit and debt, and they divide about equally over who would be better in managing international threats such as terrorism.

On this Americans agree: Times are tough. A 54% majority rate economic conditions as poor; most of the rest say they are only fair. By more than 3 to 1, they say things are getting worse.
“We’re on the wrong track,” worries Tom Ayersman, 56, of Roscoe, Pa. How is Obama doing? He harrumphs. “I think I could do a better job than he’s doing, and I’m unemployed.”
An electrical engineer, Ayersman lost his job three years ago and now works part-time in a state program that pays the minimum wage. He’s scraping by with help from his sister and some friends.
“Things aren’t looking good right now for anybody,” he says. “I’m not enamored with the Republicans … but I’ll probably vote for the Republican, unless the independents come up with somebody better.” He voted for independent Ross Perot for president in 1992. If Perot had won, Ayersman muses, “we probably wouldn’t be in as bad a shape as we are.”After five hours of closing arguments Thursday, seven men and five women must decide whether to convict Conrad Murray of involuntary manslaughter. Murray pleaded not guilty.
Prosecutor David Walgren argued that defendant Conrad Murray caused Jackson’s drug-overdose death in June 2009 in an “obscene experiment” of giving Jackson the surgical anesthetic propofol in his bedroom to treat insomnia.
Walgren, showing a photo of Jackson’s three children to remind jurors they’re fatherless now, said Murray acted with criminal negligence in a “corrupted” doctor-patient relationship. Murray violated medical standards by giving Jackson the drugs he demanded instead of exercising independent medical judgment, Walgren said.
The doctor administered the powerful anesthetic without adequate monitoring equipment, “abandoned” Jackson to die while he wasn’t paying attention, delayed a call to 911 and lied to rescue personnel, Walgren said. He strongly suggested that Murray concealed telltale intravenous tubing in his cargo pants and lied to police detectives about how much propofol he gave.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff said Jackson gave himself the fatal dose. The prosecution “absolutely failed to prove a crime,” he said. Chernoff also said some blame belonged on the promoters of Jackson’s pending concert tour because, he said, they put “a tremendous, abnormal, impossible amount of pressure” on Jackson to perform. Murray, the lawyer said, “had no control over this situation. He was just a little fish in a big, dirty pond.” Nike Dunk High Mint Black Green White ,Nike Dunk High premium Nagoya Gold Green High Demands,Nike Dunk High Premium QK Ultimate Glory De La Hoya Chavez ,Nike Dunk High Premium Osaka Japan City Attack Pack ,Nike Dunk High Premium TZ Ueno Panda White Black Sail ,”What they’re really asking you to do,” Chernoff said, “is to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson. Somebody’s gotta say it — if it was anybody else but Michael Jackson, anybody else, would this doctor be here today?”Walgren said the evidence supported the state’s theory that Jackson died from a continuous three-hour IV drip of propofol. He said Paul White, the defense’s expert on propofol, offered the jury “junk science” and “garbage science” to support the defense theory that Jackson swallowed a large quantity of lorazepam sedative pills and later sneaked a syringe load of propofol into his veins, dying instantly.


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