merely an artistic choice

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eakers. By Gil Kaufman These days, try putting on a CD by your favor nike air max 90 shox shoes 22 ite rapper without hearing an endless series of plugs for Burberry, Air Force Ones, AlizĂ©, Maybach, you name it. But are hip-hop’s ubiquitous product mentions just about artists chronicling their high-rollin’ lifestyles, or have the forces of marketing worked their way into your favorite rapper’s tunes? What’s next, a hit track written about Hummers paid for by the car’s manufacturer? Well, maybe. "Unless someone is paying me a billion dollars or offering dunk high shoes wholesale bags equity, we don’t play that," Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash said of writing products into a song cheap air max 90 on request. "That’s never come up, because once you get that powerful that someone wants to pay me to do something, I don’t need it. I’ve heard about companies asking [artists] to do that, but it hasn’t really happened to us yet." As it happens, his biggest artist, Jay-Z, doesn’t need any help in that department. Jigga is already known for his product-heavy lyrics, but the Roc-A-Fella crew doesn’t want to just give it away. With the success of the nike cheap air max 90 air max dunk high shoes 42 Roc-A-Wear clothing line and the recent purchase of the Armadale vodka brand, Jay has products wholesale bags of his own to hype (check the lyrics to "All I Need"). Same goes for Puffy name checking Sean John, or the Ruff Ryders giving shout-outs to Dirty Denim, because why give others free advertising when you can help yourself out? "We only rap about things we like. I’ll mention Cheetos because I like them, but if I didn’t they wouldn’t be in our songs," Dash said. Back in the day, artists would mention their favorite shoes, clothes or liquor for shox shoes fun and floss, but it’s no secret nike air max now that well-placed hype might land you a product endorsement deal, tour sponsorship or, at wholesale caps the very least, a closet full of free gear. "The public is much more savvy these days about name dropping and promotion," said Lucian James, founder of the brand strategy company LucJam, which tracks product mentions in hit pop songs on its Web site. Since the site launched in January, Mercedes has taken the lead with 53 mentions, followed by Lexus, Cristal, Bacardi, Timberland and Nike. On the latest wholesale caps Billboard singles chart there are six songs in the top wholesale bags 20 with one or more product references. James pointed to the Busta Rhymes smash "Pass the shox shoes Courvoisier" as an example of a product endorsement that changed the way deals are done. Busta’s management has said that his massive hit about the cognac brand was merely an artistic choice, but it also helped Courvoisier’s parent company, France’s Allied Domecq, achieve a double-digit uptick in U.S. sales of the top-shelf liquor. Domecq later reached a promotional deal with Busta’s management com nike air max 90

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