paper straws In a preferred embodiment

paper straws In a preferred embodiment
ribbon embroidery appliques. A pattern 1 grosgrain ribbon wholesale ribbon 89 5, representing the ribbon embroidery design, is next applied to the backing sheet 10, as shown in FIG. 1B. In a preferred embodiment, the pattern is applied in ink, although printed ribbon other substances such as colored chalk may also wholesale balloons be used. The pattern 15 comprises an outline wholesale ribbon 16 demarcating the outer boundary of the completed ribbon embroidery grosgrain ribbon applique, and an embroidery pattern 17, indicating the individual stitch locations within the pattern wholesale ribbon . The embroidery pattern 17 may be coded using colors or symbols to indicate the type or color of ribbon to be used in each stitch location wholesale balloons . Additional codes may be embedded in the pattern to indicate the type of ribbon stitch or knot to be used at each location. After applying wholesale ribbon the pattern 15 to the backing sheet 10, the ribbon embroidery grosgrain ribbon step is performed grosgrain ribbon as shown in FIG. 1C. Ribbon 20 is passed from the bottom surface 19 of the backing sheet 10, through the paper straws backing sheet, to the top surface 18 wholesale balloons . Each stitch of the ribbon 20 is made at a location such as location 22 marked in the embroidery pattern 17. The ribbon is passed through the backing sheet using a needle 21. In the currently preferred embodiment, the ribbon grosgrain ribbon embroidery is stitched by hand. As is known in the art, an image or picture is formed by the individual paper straws stitches of the ribbo paper straws wholesale balloons 36 n embroidery wholesale ribbon grosgrain ribbon 73 . The stitches may be varied by varying the color and texture of the ribbon, by tying knots in the individual stitch grosgrain ribbon , by interlocking stitches, by twisting the ribbon within printed ribbon a stitch, and by varying the length of the loop left on the top surface of the backing. For example, in the finished ribbon embroidery design of FIG. 1D, the center of the flower is formed by knotted ribbons 26 which form a low solid mass, while the petals ar grosgrain ribbon printed ribbon 55 e formed by larger printed ribbon loops printed ribbon 25 forming a softer, looser texture and giving the flower relief. The backing sheet and ribbons wholesale ribbon are next stabilized as shown in FIG. 1E. Retaining knots printed ribbon 30 comprising knots, stitches and loose ribbon are formed by the termination of stitches 25 on the bottom surface 19 of the backing. It is wholesale ribbon important that the retaining knots be stabilized in order to prevent alteration of the ribbon embroidery design that could be caused by abrasion or pulling on the retaining knots. In addition, a failed knot on the bottom printed ribbon surface of the backing wholesale ribbon could cause a ribbon stitch to come out, resulting paper straws in an unsightly loose ribbon on the top surface of the paper straws
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