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air force one shoes As a corporate lawyer
tly after. As a corporate lawyer with Latham & Watkins, Darling guided Volcom through its 2005 IPO. Once the offering was completed, he was recruited to become the company’s senior vice president of strategic development and general counsel. In his new role, Darling will be working with Nike air force one shoes ‘s affiliate brands, including Cole Haan and Converse. In the most recent fiscal year, ending May 31, the affiliates brands accounted for $2.74 billion of Nike’s $20.86 billion in annual revenue. Darling took a moment to speak with us in between packing boxes as he prepares to move from Southern California cheap air force one to Oregon, where Nike is headquartered. He will start at Nike at the end of October and will report to Roger Wyett, president of affiliates. Joseph Walker: Congratulations on the new job. What’s your role going to be at Nike Affiliates? Hoby Darling: Nike has two sets of brands under Nike, Inc. One is cheap nike air max everything that has the swoosh and the other is all the affiliates: Cole Haan, Converse, Inc., Hurley International, LLC, Nike Golf, and Umbro, Ltd. I’ll be heading strategic planning for the affiliates brands. There is a small leadership team at Nike Affiliates, including [President Roger Wyett; Chief Financial nike air force one Officer Bob Woodruff and Vice President of Commerce Clare Hamill], all working with those brands to make sure they’re maximizing their brand and the relationship with Nike. JW: You’re coming from the action sports world, and Nike Affiliates has the surf brand Hurley International. Did that attract you to the opportunity nike air max 95 ? HD: Absolutely. One thing that’s great about the swoosh is you go to the pinnacle of employers in the sports world. You then take this portfolio of brands they have and you think, what a great opportunity to go across action sports and youth lifestyle with Hurley, football with Umbro, casual luxury with Cole Haan, Converse air force one shoes which is one of the most iconic brands in the world — there’s so much opportunity to accentuate those brands, because they can be the next swooshes. It”s mind blowing to think of what you can do in conjunction with Nike. It’s pretty unparalleled in the sports apparel and footwear industry. You look at the leadership at those wholesale caps brands and their phenomenal people, and that’s a huge opportunity. JW: You have experience in mergers and acquisitions from your time at Volcom and Latham & Watkins. Will you be helping Nike in that area? HD: That’s a good question, one we’ll have to figure out when I get there. I’m coming from the outside and trying to cheap supra shoes add a lot of value, but there’s still a lot to learn. JW: You helped broker Volcom’s sale to PPR. How did the acquisition play into your decision to leave Volcom? HD: PPR was a great acquirer for Volcom, and the deal was phenomenal for Volcom. It was the right buyer on quality and price. For me, I had taken the company wholesale jeans public, helped grow it from a $116 million company to almost $400 million, then sold it to a great company in PPR. It f cheap air force one
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