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read among all apparel, partly also owing to the fact that the term and category was born in the 1960s and nurtured rather well by the retailers and consum cheap supra shoes nike dunk shoes 25 ers in American grounds. The fact that the American lifestyle and social attitude has not been too rigid or definition confining unlike most of their global counterparts also lent a helping hand. India story Addressing the question if it is time to introduce the sportswear definition in the Indian context, Ashvinder Singh, managing director, USI, a domestic sportswear brand, says Air Force One shoes , “I think the youth is ready for the definition. The developments that have happened in the past four years in the domestic retail sector are equivalent to what has happened in the past 40 years nike air max . Thanks to the Internet, the youth in the relatively smaller cities is also aware of what brands are doing globally, be it fashion or the automobile industry. Many a times, the customer is aware of the products before it even reaches the stores. I do not feel that the customer will be any bit confused by the introduction of this definition, as he well understands the difference Nike Air Force One between sports and sporty. He is ready to accept provided that the brand imaging is done correctly and crisply and the products offered are in complete symphony with the brand imaging. For example, we have dunk high shoes been running a t-shirt line called rugby t-shirts for the last 16 seasons, which is a very smart casual line, inspired by the performance rugby t-shirts. Now rugby t-shirts are very rough with their feel, but our line takes inspiration from the spirit of the game and with the help of very soft fabrics and graphics you have a collection which is appealing to someone cheap Air Force One who wants to dress up smartly and in some way identifies with the sport. “The customer should know what the brand stands for and what its offerings are. The product and service needs to be consistent – no surprises. nike dunk shoes I am very inspired by Burberry, in how it has managed to retain a consistent image. I’ll say it is very easy to build an image, but it takes a lot to stick to it.” Shailesh Chaturvedi, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Apparel-India, on the question on measures required to make retailers and end consumers understand the globally accepted definition of sportswear, says: cheap Nike Air Max “Sportswear is a very American term because of its casual spirit. It denotes an in-between smarter alternative, a smart casual line for a smarter and sporty spirit fashionable clothing. “Point is that it is an industry term cheap supra shoes , as in a very B2B phrase and not necessarily be taken to by consumers. Consumers just need to know how to dress, what piece to pair up with what bottom and accessory, and know the looks and styles which are in for a season. The past four to five years have been progressive as the evolved Indian consumer Nike Dunk shoes
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